Doctor Who

Davros, lord and creator of the Dalek race – by Dapol

September 2, 2013

I am back in Rome after a relaxing summer break visiting family and friends in the UK, so thought I’d kick off a new season of blog posts with a distinctly British vintage figure. My August trip happened to coincide with some major geek news from Blighty: the BBC finally revealed that Scottish actor Peter […]

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Oodles of fun with the Ood from Doctor Who!

April 6, 2013
The Ood from Doctor Who

With Doctor Who Season 7 Part 2 now well under way on BBC television with Matt Smith’s eleventh incarnation of the Doctor officially joined by new sidekick Clara Oswald portrayed by Jenna-Louise Coleman, and news buzzing throughout the Internet of the return of David Tennant and Billie Piper in a super-duper fiftieth anniversary special to […]

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Jelly baby, anyone?! Tom Baker as Doctor Who’s Fourth Doctor

April 23, 2012
Tom Baker as Doctor Who's Fourth Doctor

The BBC television science-fiction series Doctor Who, which will celebrate its fiftieth anniversary next year, owes its longevity in great part to a very clever device the writers dreamt up decades ago – when the Doctor is close to death he can regenerate into a brand new body. This has allowed a series of completely […]

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David Tennant as Doctor Who’s Tenth Doctor

January 14, 2012
David Tennant as Doctor Who's Tenth Doctor

Hot on the heels of Captain Jack Harkness last week, I thought I’d follow that post with a look at another great Character Options action figure from their 5 inch Doctor Who line – none other than the Doctor himself, as played by David Tennant in the tenth incarnation of the BBC TV show’s protagonist. […]

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Captain Jack Harkness…And who are you?

January 9, 2012
Captain Jack Harkness from Doctor Who

When John Barrowman first appeared in the BBC’s relaunched Doctor Who sci-fi television show in 2005 in the role of Captain Jack Harkness he was disguised as a Royal Air Force pilot and this is just how he is presented in this wonderful 5 inch action figure by Character Options. Teaming up with the Ninth […]

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Delete! Delete! Delete! Armed Cyberman from Doctor Who

August 20, 2011
Cyberman from Doctor Who

After a couple of weeks in the UK visiting friends and family and I have just returned to Rome with a fresh hoard of flea market and thrift store vintage action figure finds! By pure chance, on this trip to Blighty I also happened upon some quintessentially British action figures too, which I’ll share over […]

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