Wrestling fans are some of the world's most avid action figure collectors and enthusiasts of the sport have created a thriving sub-genre in Vintage Action Figures with Hasbro WWF and WCW Wrestling champions of the 1990s such as Hulk Hogan and Jake the Snake being particularly popular.

The Undertaker aka Big Evil by JAKKS Pacific

Undertaker by JAKKS Pacific

The collection of wrestling action figures is a thriving sub-genre of the hobby, and whilst these figures have never been the focus of my own collection, I've always admired them from afar. Never one to resist a well-made figure in a bargain bin, this 7-inch WWE JAKKS Pacific figure caught my eye some time ago, but I confess lay forgotten until I happened upon a spoof news story recently - Ben Affleck to portray The Undertaker at WrestleMania 30  – which after I'd finished chuckling, reminded me … [Read more...]

Hulk Hogan with Hulkster Slam!

Hulk Hogan with Hulkster Slam!

After a great August break we're back in the saddle here at Vintage Action Figures with a bit of 1990s wrestling nostalgia with this vintage WWF Wrestling Action Figure of Hulk Hogan made by Hasbro under license from Titan Sports. Hasbro took over production of wrestling figures when toy-makers LJN - responsible for the enormously popular Wrestling Superstars line - folded in 1989. This particular Hulk Hogan is the fourth of 4 different Hulk Hogan figures that Hasbro made, and as with … [Read more...]

Share your memories of LJN Wrestling Superstars – call for submissions at Slam!Wrestling

LJN Wrestling Superstars

Here at Vintage Action Figures we've been contacted by Marshall Ward at Slam!Wrestling: I'm a writer with SLAM!Wrestling in Canada and am compiling a story about the classic LJN Wrestling Superstars line, 8" rubber figures, and was hoping that as a collector, you could share your memories of the series, and if you of an age to 'wrestle' with them. We're just looking for some fun stories about peoples' experiences with them, who their favourite figures were, and what types of matches they had. … [Read more...]