Grrr…it’s Grizzlor! The Hairy Henchman of the Evil Horde

Mattel’s hugely successful 1980s action figure and TV franchise Masters of the Universe is looked upon with great fondness by many toy collectors today and has proved enduringly popular. I’m writing this post having just returned from a collectors fair in Rome, Italy and can confirm that those chunky, swivel-hipped 5 ½-inch action figures were certainly an ubiquitous presence at every stall. I should confess that as a child from an earlier generation, I’ve always been a little bemused by the whole He-Man Universe and slow to succumb to the appeal of this line. From time to time a random figure will pique my interest, however, like this ugly little fella Grizzlor. (And as every collector knows, that’s a slippery slope to a full time action figure addiction!) [Read More...]

Ming the Merciless

Ming the Merciless – The evil emperor of Mongo by Mego

Every super-hero needs an arch-nemesis, and every toy manufacture knows that too! Action figure giant Mego, the company behind some of the most collectible action figures made during the 1970s, even released an 8-inch “Super Foes” line in 1974 to mirror its Super-Heroes line. And when Mego launched a new 10-inch figure design in … [Read More...]

Flash Gordon by Mego

Flash Gordon – A Mego Masterpiece!

For kids growing up in the UK during the 1970s Saturday morning picture shows at the local cinema were a highlight of the week! This was a long time ago, of course, and it certainly feels like we were living in a galaxy far, far away...Indeed, in those distant, pre-Star Wars days a staple of kids programming was the 1936 sci-fi … [Read More...]

General Madine by Kenner

Green-haired General Madine variant figure

When Kenner issued General Madine as part of its first wave of Return Of The Jedi 65-back carded figures in 1983 the resulting action figure followed the company’s hit-or-miss track record of movie-likenesses, with only a vague resemblance to the actor Dermot Crowley who played him on screen. Instead of Crowley’s fair beard and … [Read More...]

Aliens- Lt. Ripley

Send in the Space Marines! Lt. Ripley from Aliens by Kenner

When Ridley Scott’s ground-breaking sci-fi horror movie Alien first opened way back in 1979, toy maker Kenner - fresh from the unprecedented success of its Star Wars action figures - was perhaps the obvious choice to create a line of tie-in merchandising. Not surprisingly, however, given the adult film certificate on the original … [Read More...]

Kenner Super Powers

Mattel Secret Wars