Mego 8-inch action figures

Friar Tuck: Robin Hood and his Merry Men by Mego

October 8, 2013
Friar Tuck by Mego

The legendary Medieval outlaw Robin Hood has been a hugely popular figure in English folklore for centuries. Armed with bow and arrow and sword, he would steal from the rich to give to the poor, and then head back to his hideout in Sherwood Forest with his band of fellow “Merry Men”. With love interest […]

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Action Jackson is my name, bold adventure is my game!

July 3, 2013
Action Jackson - Navy

Whilst it was Hasbro who first coined the phrase “action figures” for military dolls aimed at the boys’ market in the late 1960s with their G.I. Joe line, and in particular Palitoy’s UK version known as “Action Man”, the legendary Mego company also earned a place in action figure history in the early 1970s with […]

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Ivanhoe: The World’s Greatest Super Knights by Mego

November 5, 2012
Ivanhoe by Mego

Whilst legendary toy makers Mego are probably most famous for their 1970s 8-inch line of comic book characters the World’s Greatest Super Heroes, some of their most highly collectible figures today are a very different range of swashbuckling literary and historic heroes – The World’s Greatest Super Knights! Ivanhoe here, was released alongside the Black […]

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The Human Torch meets Robin in a mega Mego mashup!

February 20, 2012
The Human Torch - WGSH by Mego

Collecting vintage 8 inch Mego action figures from the World’s Greatest Super Heroes line can sometimes bring some fun surprises as we saw a while back with my Superman figure with Spider-man’s red torso. Whilst many anomalies may well have left the factory that way during the long production life of these hugely popular figures, […]

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Mego Superman: Putting the Super into the World’s Greatest Super Heroes!

March 10, 2011
8 inch Mego Superman

We can rebuild him, we have the technology is a phrase we know and love from old The Six Million Dollar Man episodes, but if you’re a collector of vintage Mego 8-inch action figures the expression could easily apply to any toy you are hoping to restore – it is by no means uncommon to […]

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Thumbs up for Fonzie, the star of Mego’s Happy Days line!

December 28, 2010
Fonzie by Mego

Earlier this year I posted a series of articles taking a close and covetous look at my sister’s childhood collection of vintage Mego 8-inch action figures that we had recently uncovered in our parents’ loft in pristine condition. What a wonderful surprise, therefore, to unwrap my Christmas gift from my sister this year and discover […]

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Robin: Mego and the World’s Greatest Super Heroes…and Sidekicks!

October 2, 2010
Fist Fighting Robin

As promised in an earlier post, here’s another vintage Mego 8-inch action figure that was found in a recent loft exploration at my parents’ home. Like Batman, the Lizard and Cornelius, this was another of my sister’s childhood toys, but of all of them, this Fist Fighting Robin probably made me smile the most when […]

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The Lizard: Mego and the World’s Greatest Super Heroes…and Villains!

September 19, 2010
The Lizard by Mego and the World's Greatest Super Heroes

The World’s Greatest Super Heroes was the line that made Mego’s name, kicking off with the most famous characters from DC Comics and then moving into the Marvel Universe with a plethora of new heroes appearing from 1975 onwards such as Captain America, the Hulk and Spider-Man. A line of good guys only would have […]

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