Masters of the Universe

Grrr…it’s Grizzlor! The Hairy Henchman of the Evil Horde


Mattel’s hugely successful 1980s action figure and TV franchise Masters of the Universe is looked upon with great fondness by many toy collectors today and has proved enduringly popular. I’m writing this post having just returned from a collectors fair in Rome, Italy and can confirm that those chunky, swivel-hipped 5 ½-inch action figures were certainly an ubiquitous presence at every stall. I should confess that as a child from an earlier generation, I’ve always been a little bemused by the … [Read more...]

Heroic Human…Robot…Monster? It must be Man-E-Faces!


Masters of the Universe, Mattel’s hugely successful action figure line of the 1980s, has proved enduringly popular. Big sellers back in the day, these figures can still be found loose on flea markets for a fair price, like this classic Man-E-Faces 1983 figure (dated stamped 1982) from the second wave of Heroic Warriors from the Original Series, which I picked up just the other day. Almost all the figures in this line came with a built in power punch action – twisted at the waist and then … [Read more...]

Skeletor – Evil lord of destruction!

Vintage Skeletor action figure

It has been quite some time since we've looked at any of those swivel-hipped vintage wonders of the early 1980s – Mattel's Masters of the Universe. MOTU action figures swept toy aisles by storm thanks to a fiendishly well organised merchandising campaign which saw the tie-in animated TV series He-Man and the Masters of the Universe turn these 5 ½ -inch action figures into the most-wanted toy of an entire generation...until sales eventually slowed down after the arrival of Transformers and G.I. … [Read more...]

Buzz-Off – Heroic Spy in the Sky!

Masters of the Universe 1984 Buzz-Off figure by Mattel

Ever since the news was first announced at the 2010 San Diego Comic Con earlier this year that Mattel would be issuing a Buzz-Off figure in December as part of its Masters of the Universe Classics toy line, the buzz (ahem!) about this figure got louder and louder! It became immediately clear from online forums that the humanoid bee from the race of Bee People was an immensely popular character from the original MOTU line, so with release of the new figure now imminent, let's take a timely look … [Read more...]

He has the power! Battle Armor He-Man

Battle Armor He-Man

Love him or hate him, there's no doubting that the star of last week's post – Arnold Schwarzenegger in the guise of Terminator – is a tough act to follow. Unless, of course, you sport a set of muscles that would put even the one-time Mr. Universe to shame! Who better to follow Arnie than that blonde barbarian with the bob from Masters of the Universe, the Most Powerful Man In The Universe himself ...He-Man! The year was 1984 and Mattel needed a way to spice up He-Man. No longer satisfied with … [Read more...]

Do I hear hissing? It must be Tung Lashor!

Masters of the Universe 1986 Tung Lashor figure by Mattel

You've really got to hand it to Mattel, the creators of He-Man aka Masters of the Universe action figures, in their ability to come up with some of the greatest character names of any toy line ever! There was Moss Man (who was covered with moss – what else?!), the onomatopoeic names Buzz-Off and King Hiss, and of course, those wonderful made up words – Grizzlor, Skeletor and Roboto. This particular 5-inch MOTU action figure from Series 5 in 1986 is called Tung Lashor, probably one of the best of … [Read more...]

What’s that smell? It’s pine scented Moss Man!

Moss Man - Masters of the Universe

The Internet is fairly buzzing this spring with news of the latest Mattel release in the Masters of the Universe Classics toy line - Moss Man. So here's a timely look back at the vintage version of that figure... If there were a prize for the most bizarre action figure attribute then surely whoever thought up Moss Man's gimmick for Mattel with their 1985 Masters of the Universe 5 inch figure would win hands down! As if the the furry coating over what was essentially a green repaint of the … [Read more...]